Access Control You Can Trust.

A blockchain enabled system that makes door access secure and simple with
just the tap of a phone. With Blocked there are no access control failures
from ransomware, credential cloning, or hacking.

Backed by Blockchain

By using blockchain, we have created an access control system that is unhackable and tamper-proof, proudly allowing us to offer one of the most secure door access control systems in the market. No more worries about cards getting cloned or excessive costs in maintaining a conventional database.

Conveniently Use a Phone

The days of forgetting your RFID card, or struggling to pull it out of your wallet are over. With Blocked, just open the app, press the padlock button, and then "tap" the door scanner.

Ransomware Proof

By using a distributed blockchain we are able to prevent ransomware from causing complete access control failure. The ransomware would have to hit every device connected to the blockchain to cause the system to go down. This is almost impossible.

Cost Effective Installation

Our app uses the NFC technology built into most phones to communicate with RFID readers. Many universities and businesses already have RFID readers at their doors, allowing us to install only our software at a very competitive price with no extra costs for RFID cards or extra hardware.

Fast and Secure

We have decided to use the EOS blockchain, which has been recorded doing over 9000 transactions per second. From tap of the phone to open door takes only 0.5-1.5 seconds. And even with the speed, it is still very secure with all the features of the blockchain.


We are starting at the University of Denver (DU) where we will directly market to the Chancellor, Dr. Jeremy Haefner, and to the heads of security, Director Mike Holt, and Captain Douglas Hasty. We hope to expand to other colleges that use an access control system similar to DU's. This would allow us to grow our business at a very competitive rate without spending time and money on hardware installation.

Student's safety is the number one priority to the Chancellor and security team, with the second priority being property security. With Blocked, we would help them achieve both of these goals. Quicker and easier scans mean that students are able to get in the building faster during an emergency. Burglaries will also be harder because there is no card cloning or database tampering with Blocked.

And lastly, our system is ransomware proof, so the Chancellor and security will not have to worry about complete access control failure from a centralized database.


Please download our slick, and watch our presentation video.
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Peter simultaneously got his high school diploma and an Associates Degree in Computer Science from the Santa Fe Community College. He is currently enrolled at the University of Denver, where he is pursuing a BS in Computer Science. Peter is doing an internship at the Los Alamos National Labs where he has worked on projects involving neutron simulator devices, CubeSats, and mass exporting of version controlled documents. He started learning programming at the age of 13, and since then has dedicated his future to further advancing this skill. This background allowed him to envision the new idea Blocked.

Director of Finance

Chris is pursuing a BIA major at the University of Denver. Chris spent his last two years pursuing a Political Science Degree and Finance and Banking Certificate from the College of the Holy Cross before transferring to the University of Denver this fall. Chris was an active member on a winning Verizon Innovative App Challenge Team back in 2016, which is where his interest of using technology and business to improve people's lives, particularly their safety and well-being, was first sparked. This, coupled with his interest of running a business led him to seek out an innovative group of entrepreneurs, who all collaborated to create "Blocked."

Operations Manager

Walker Tompkins is a first-year student at the University of Denver studying Geography. He plans on pursuing a graduate degree in law. He was an accomplished leader in JROTC for the past four years becoming a supply officer and handling logistics and inventory. This leadership and logistical skills have made him interested in leading and working in this startup.

Director of Marketing and Sales

Severo is pursuing his dual degree at the University of Denver for Business Management and Marketing. During his time in highschool, Severo has been working diligently in aformal wear business. He has successfully managed to be a community leader contributing with Future Business Leaders of America. He is fascinated with technology and how media and business create the best of both worlds. His hobbies include reading, journaling, and media production.

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